Accreditation Consulting Services

Our team of professional NATA consultants helps Australian laboratories easily achieve and maintain accreditation requirements with confidence.

Looking for an accreditation or quality consultant for your lab?

We work with laboratories seeking assistance with NATA accreditation to ISO 17025, ISO 15189 or OECD GLP, quality system reviews, process improvements, and business expansion and governance issues.

As accreditation consultants, we can also help with ISO 9001 for laboratories.

What does your team need?

  • Guidance on how to approach NATA accreditation
  • Support to be accreditation-ready at all times
  • Help with learning how to improve your processes
  • Assistance with simplifying your quality systems

Our team of accreditation and quality system consultants are here to help you.

NATA and quality consultant services you can rely on

Laboratories turn to our accreditation consulting services when they:

  • Want to learn how to meet NATA requirements more easily
  • Want help to achieve NATA accreditation
  • Need a quality system that supports the business and doesn’t just tick the boxes for external auditors
  • Realise that their company is too small to do their own internal audits and management review effectively
  • Want to manage the reputational risk of having a poor assessment outcome

With more than 40 years of combined experience working within NATA and for labs with NATA accreditation, translating NATA requirements to practical, everyday actions is our superpower!





Our team of NATA consultants and quality consultants offer accreditation consulting services at O’Dwyer Accreditation

Meet your NATA accreditation and quality consultants

The O’Dwyer Accreditation team combines the expertise of company founder Cathy O’Dwyer, who has worked in laboratory accreditation since 1992, and Rachel Knight, who has worked in laboratory quality management and accreditation since 2003.

Together, we’ve been helping our clients achieve accreditation with ease since 2002.

Cathy’s many years of experience as a NATA auditor and quality manager make her the consultant of choice for laboratory accreditation. While Rachel brings a broad range of experience from diverse roles in public and private pathology laboratories and forensic science.