Professional Courses

O’Dwyer Accreditation offers group training on demand.  So if you are interested in coming to a course please let us know!  We run a waiting list and schedule the course once there is enough interest.  Any of these courses can be run in-house.

Beyond Checklists: an Internal Audit Refresher

This one day workshop will refresh your auditing skills and get you back in the swing of auditing!  In this highly interactive and hands on workshop, you will take a fresh look at your approach to audits.   Come along and learn how to overcome the barriers to getting audits done, with people in the same boat. If you are return to auditing after a break, or struggling with internal audits, this course is for you.

We will work through audit scenarios as you learn how to:

  • prepare for success
  • build on your basic auditing skills
  • collect information and identify non-conformances
  • refine your audit report-writing
  • add value during internal audits

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