Accreditation News.

Impartiality in the new ISO 17025

The new ISO 17025 puts a bigger emphasis on impartiality and managing conflicts of interest than the previous standard. This is to address an issue that can be particularly problematic in competitive industries such as construction. In some industries there are practices that aren’t ideal for maintaining impartiality and it can be a difficult environment… read more »

Designed to benefit: Risks & Opportunities in ISO 17025

A good system recognises the strategic benefit of minimising risk and maximising opportunity. The new ISO/EIC 17025: 2017 standard puts extra emphasis on this by promoting risk-based thinking, preventive action and process design. It is about optimising your organisation’s overall strategy by planning, taking, and recording actions that prevent risk and enhance opportunity. There is… read more »

Five steps to implement new accreditation requirements

Wondering when you will get time to deal with all those new accreditation requirements? You’ve been notified of new standards, guidelines, or regulations that need to be implemented. It’s time to get busy writing new procedures, right?  Jumping in without enough thought and preparation leads to woolly procedures, written solely to meet requirements, that clutter… read more »