About Our Process

The O’Dwyer Accreditation team is known for its highly collaborative consulting style. We aim for our clients to have full ownership and understanding of the NATA accreditation process and the management systems developed during the project so that they can maintain and develop the system into the future. Whether you are new to NATA or an old-hand, there is always more to learn about ways to meet NATA requirements.

1: Inquiry

The first step is to fill out our inquiry form, which gives us all the necessary information in order to write an accurate proposal that reflects your needs. We will telephone you to discuss your requirements shortly afterwards.

2: Proposal

Your proposal including an estimated timeline and budget for the project, will be ready within a week. We may meet after the proposal is prepared.  This gives us the chance to get to know each other a bit more and to clarify any questions you have.

3: The project

We design each project to meet the specific needs of the laboratory.

Projects may include:

  • Full Gap analysis versus relevant NATA requirements
  • Development of quality systems to meet NATA requirements
  • Review of quality system to identify ways to improve
  • NATA preparation audits
  • Follow-up on previous NATA assessment reports
  • Quality improvement projects.

At each stage of the project we supply you with detailed reports and clear recommendations.

On going support to develop and maintain quality systems

O’Dwyer Accreditation offers a quality management retainer. This ensures that your organisation will continue to go through NATA accreditation with:

  • Quicker and easier NATA assessments
  • Better alignment of the quality management system with organisational objectives
  • Genuine improvement opportunities identified
  • Management systems maintained rather than a last minute tidy-up before NATA visits.

For help navigating the maze of NATA requirements, fill out the form below.