Ongoing Support

Laboratory Quality Systems

Developing a quality system is what you have to do to get NATA accreditation (or ISO certification).  But maintaining a system that yields improvements that will really benefit your organisation over time takes a bit more commitment.

Many laboratories are good at collecting information on internal audits, complaints, non-conformances and corrective actions but don’t really capitalise on the improvements hidden within the data.  There are many skills required for truly competent quality management.  You need to:

  • maintain customer focus at all times
  • analyse data and identify common causes versus special causes
  • identify root causes so that you can prevent more problems from occurring
  • plan internal audits within a risk management framework
  • conduct internal audits for best gain for the organisation
  • guide managers towards making evidence-based changes and measuring the improvements

This can be rather daunting for the average quality manager, who often has many other duties to perform.

O’Dwyer Accreditation can provide on-going support to suit your needs. This can vary from a pre-NATA audit to prepare for the big day, regular internal audits, quality coaching, or a retainer arrangement where you have regular access to Cathy’s 20 plus years of experience & knowledge working for NATA and in NATA accredited laboratories.

This ensures that your organisation will continue to go through NATA accreditation with:

  • Easier NATA assessments
  • Saving money by avoiding unnecessary changes to your systems
  • Better alignment of the quality management system with organisational objectives
  • Genuine improvement opportunities identified & acted on
  • Quality systems maintained rather than the last minute tidy-up before NATA comes
  • Building your staff’s capacity to handle accreditation and quality systems

Contact Cathy to find out how we can help.

We also offer professional courses so you can build up your quality management skills.

Beyond Checklists is an Internal Audit Refresher Course – a unique opportunity to work closely with veterans of internal auditing and NATA, learning in a small group.